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Felt Horse / Unicorn Pattern


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Felt Horse / Unicorn Pattern

Make your own magical felt soft toy using hand sewing and natural materials. I make all my felt toys using 100% Pure New Wool felt (I highly advise against using acrylic felt as it will not last). These felt horses and unicorns are a joy to make and each one develops its own character! You can shrink and enlarge this pattern to make smaller or larger versions

Materials You Will Need:
- 45 x 40 100% Wool felt for horse body (rainbow or coloured).
- 6 stranded embroidery cotton to match felt, and black for eyes.
- 2x small black glass bead for eyes.
- Small Ball of 6-8 ply wool for mane and tail (I use brushed alpaca wool)
- 100g Merino Wool Fleece for stuffing
- 1m Cotton covered wire
- Fimo (polymer clay) for Unicorn horn button